Marathon de Paris 2010 - 42Km

Abril 11th, 2010

Marathon de Paris 2010
Following positive attempt last year, I went for a third run of the Paris”” marathon. Unfortunately this year went similar to 2008: down around 25km, and lost 10min with organizators (registering basics data without providing any input).
Learning from this year, for which plan was followed: importance of setting higher objectives in the trainings and need to practice upper body.
Final time: 4h15””11″, but with a half marathon at 1h44””17
By the way, can you see me on the start ?

Mitja Marató de l””Anoia - Igualada - 21km

Marzo 21st, 2010

Mitja Marato de l''Anoia - Igualada 2010
Final race before the marathon, with a country side half marathon, and a confirmation of time at 1h39”10″.

7ª Cursa atlètica vila d””Esparreguera

Marzo 14th, 2010

7 Cursa atletica vila EsparregueraAs part of the preparation for this year, I got the opportunity to travel to more cities of Catalunya.
Race with some up and down, and nice final race in the city up the hill!
File time just on objective: 45”00″

Mitja Marató de Gavà - 21Km

Febrero 21st, 2010

Mitja Marato Gava 2010
First participation to the Gava race, and training is starting to be reflected on the results: back to more decent time with 1h39””20″

Mitja Granollers - 21Km

Febrero 7th, 2010

Mitja Marato Granollers 2010
Back on the way of training, results are yet not here and water was clearly missing!!!

Cross Popular de Sants - 10km

Noviembre 8th, 2009

Cross Popular de Sants 2009
This year Cross of Sants was under better weather, and a start of the 2009-2010 season: after several months without training, you can feel the result: 47”21″

Padi EFR - Rescue Diver

Agosto 30th, 2009

After 3 week-ends diving in Sant Feliu de Guixols, I have just completed the training of EFR and Rescue Diver Padi.
Rescue Diver
Next time, someone performs this training I will strongly recommend him/her to ensure the course mate is not 1m90 and 100kg: it is a bit more complex to take up the boat ladder!!

Corren - Gossos i Macaco

Junio 28th, 2009

Marathon Paris 2009

Abril 5th, 2009

Marathon Paris 2009
Just finished 2nd Marathon of Paris 2009 with official real time of 3h47min39sec

Marathon Paris 2009

2ª cursa Barça - L illa 2009

Marzo 22nd, 2009

2 cursa Barca L''''''''''''''''illa 2009
A new shinny Sunday - 2 weeks before the marathon - I participated to the short fast race of Barça for 7km and finished within official time of 29min48sec - real inferior to 29min20sec. It means a 4min11sec per km

And here a picture of me at 5sec of finish line:
2 cursa Barca L''''''''''''''''illa 2009